SanoSafe Solutions exists to address the growing need for protection- in the community, not just hospitals- against antibiotic resistant bacteria and pathogens as we move into a post-antibiotic world.

We have entered a time in human existence in which the over-usage of antibiotics is causing an alarming amount of deaths, loss of limbs and various other life changing health consequences. Toxic chemical disinfectants continually create immunities in new strains of pathogens which become “superbugs” that cannot be eliminated with the antibiotics we have relied on for generations. Fortunately, scientific research and technological developments have given us solutions to virtually eliminate the need for traditional toxic chemical cleaning products.

SanoSafe Solutions is an infection prevention and odor mitigation company created to foster awareness of the “superbug” problem and present best in class solutions with a group of core products meticulously chosen based on clinical performance as well as unique functionality to meet our clients’ industry-specific needs and fulfill requirements mandated by governing bodies. Our solutions offer the highest level of protection against harmful pathogens along with mitigation of odors caused by bacteria, mold and mildew.

Our mission is to provide consultation and identify the solution that’s right to meet your needs with the utmost professional education and support.